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Krumpets Bakery & Cafe

Krumpets Bakery & Cafe

City: Fulton

Address: 1016 4th Street

Telephone: 815-208-7143

Fax: 815-208-7144

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Krumpets Bakery & Cafe creates one of a kind decadent pastries, bars, cookies, pies, cakes, and daily treat specials. The favorite of these consist of chocolate. Whether you prefer dark, milk, bittersweet, or cocoa your craving will be met. All of these desserts tantalize the pallet and satisfy your sweet tooth. Since every recipe is made from scratch at Krumpets those who need a gluten free option won't be left out! Thirsty instead? Krumpets can design your chosen beverage like hot chocolate or coffee to soothe your taste buds. Click on name for more info. Scroll to the end of the listing for Facebook & website.