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Beans Coffee House and Music Cafe

Beans Coffee House and Music Cafe

City: Sterling

Address: 121 E. 3rd St. Sterling, IL 61081

Telephone: 815-590-2752

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We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, outstanding desserts, custom roasted coffees and acoustic live music. We offer dessert choices that are all freshly baked from scratch. Our delectable delights range from carrot cake to warm caramel apple pie. We also have decadent cheesecakes like Caramel Pecan and 'chocolate-gods' Irish Cream brownies for your late night craving. Roasting of fresh coffee beans fills the air each week as we assure the best quality and freshness in our espresso blends and house coffees; iced coffee-based drinks and smoothies top off the custom drinks along with various other teas and soft drinks. Finally, live music is offered each weekend for your enjoyment. On the last Friday of the month, we have open mic night from 6:30-9: 30 pm where you really get your 15 minutes of fame.

Host your next party with us, we offer these services to our local area businesses and families. We provide a full audio and visual center for your meetings and a full kitchen for your party or meeting needs. We are open for business from 5-10 pm on Friday and Saturday. Join us on Facebook to get weekly dessert updates and event notifications. Click the name above for more details!